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Bali is an Indonesian island located at the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. It is one of the country’s 33 provinces with the provincial capital at Denpasar towards the south of the island.

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked nation in South Asia, located at the eastern end of the Himalaya Mountains and is bordered to the south, east and west by the Republic of India and to the north by People’s Republic of China.

China has one of the world’s oldest civilizations and has the oldest continuous civilization. It has archaeological evidence dating back over 5,000 years. It also has one of the world’s oldest written language systems, and is viewed as the source of many major inventions. Historically, China’s cultural sphere has extended across East Asia as a whole, with Chinese religion, customs, and writing systems being adopted to varying degrees by neighbors such as Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

It refers to the area which is inhabited by different mongoloid races but with large influence of Indian culture.

India is a nation that has kept its heritage while pushing forth into the new century, a land rapidly changing with the tides of time, and it welcomes you into its world

Eastern & Oriental Express
The lavish and historic Eastern & Oriental Express is a rolling self-contained resort that will take you through some of the most scenic landscapes in Southeast Asia. Travel through mountains, tropical rainforest and along pristine coastline in vintage 1930’s style. Discover the fascinating sights and sounds of Southeast Asia from the Eastern & Oriental Express train