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A subcontinent with over 1.2 billion in population, 160 languages, and six coexisting religious beliefs, India is the world’s most culturally, linguistically, and genetically diverse nation. 
It’s a land that has seen its share of kings, philosophers, conquerors and rebels.  Its landscape includes one of world’s oldest river valley and highest mountains.  It is built with sandstone fortresses, concrete skyscrapers, as well as ancient temples.  All of that make up a land of untold adventure, enchantment, romance, and history

Ayurveda, literally translated as the “science of life,” is a natural system of medicine native to India.

South India Culinary
Some people fall in love with a culture or a place first by falling in love with its food.

Golden Triangle
To experience all that India has to offer in a single vacation is equivalent to watching all of Shakespeare’s play in the span of a day.

In Search of Tiger
India is home to a great diversity of wild animals, including the famous Bengal tigers, Nilgiri langur (a type of Old World monkeys), Beddome’s toad, Nilgai antelope, Asiatic lion, and Indian rhinoceros.
South India
The region dubbed as South India is composed of four states – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu – as well as the union territories of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry.